"Porchlight’s production is aesthetically gorgeous – starting with the stage design. Set Designer Christopher Rhoton utilized bright colors in his creation of Garland’s hotel room, complete with a window in the back that overlooked London. The stage created a lovely image that met audience members as soon as they entered the theater, and colors were only enhanced by the work of Costume Designer Bill Morey."

- Lauren Katz, Picture This Post

End of the Rainbow

"Christopher Rhoton’s set easily shifts from traditional English hotel suite to nightclub glitter. And Bill Morey has recreated Garland’s signature sparkling costumes, which Ingersoll wears as if she were Garland’s clone. By the time you leave the theater you might well believe that is the case."

- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

End of the Rainbow

"Sherri Geerdes' costuming and Christopher Rhoton's scenic design work together to bring a kaleidoscope of color to the stage... This is one of the best sets I've seen at the Rose."

- Christine Swerczek, BroadwayWorld.com

Shrek: the Musical

"Audiences will find a "big, bright, beautiful world" on stage at The Rose with a set design by Chicago-based designer Christopher Rhoton that completely fills the stage. The world of Shrek's swamp is dense and rich with thick foliage and trees - a sharp contrast to the plastic-y world of Duloc. "Chris has done a wonderful job of creating a Dulock that feels very artificial and false," says Sillau."

- BroadwayWorld.com

Shrek: the Musical

"Christopher Rhoton’s scene design did a great job balancing the claustrophobic nature of the indoor scenes with a very striking presentation of the vastness and ancientness of the titular woods in autumn. A sunken staircase felt like it had been there for decades, and the trees periodically wept red and yellow leaves to the stage. These are no ordinary woods, and the design lent an “otherness” to them that was just right for the story."

- Joel Pierson, Herald-Times

Into the Woods


"Even before it started, just looking at the Civil War-era set was a treat — major-league like everything that was to follow."

- Mark Frost, Glens Falls Chronicle

The UNcivil War


"The oversize set brims over the stage with a worn and picturesquely littered old front porch, open slats that let the light play, stylized trees and a campfire out by the band, who also sit on stage. It’s all lit to a golden brown that falls somewhere between the sepia tones of a Mathew Brady photograph, the long hours of sunset, remembrances of the hazy past and amber waves of grain. The shadows the actors throw on the side walls of the Wood Theater conjure magic lantern shows."

- Cathy DeDe, Glens Falls Chronicle

The UNcivil War


"Christopher Rhoton designed a gorgeous set full of period details from the stained glass windows to the elaborate weathervane on the roof. He captured the elegance of a rich man’s house in the 1890s."

- Doris Lynch, Herald-Times

The Matchmaker

Indiana Festival Theatre



"Christopher Rhoton’s shiny tile and wood flooring, stained glass windows and the proudly New England style weather vane that tops if off nicely frame the scenes."

- George Walker, Indiana Public Media

The Matchmaker

 Indiana Festival Theatre



"[Christopher] Rhoton's set is also perhaps his best achievement of the summer. Both functional and fun, it is adorned with signs and practical lights that establish the 50's era of the play. The best part of his set is that though there are quite a few set pieces (a jukebox, a bar, Chad's bike, etc) he gives ample playing space to the performers without losing authenticity or leaving the audience guessing where they are."

- Scott Moreau, BroadwayWorld.com

All Shook Up



"[Christopher] Rhoton's set in it's barest form evokes thoughts of the raw forest and swamps that encompass much of the story. It's on this canvas that he paints the rest of the scenery and utilizes the space in a way that ends up working splendidly. The set pieces are flat and storybook like, which fits the fairy-tale setting to a tee. Included in this is the ACTUAL storybook that greats the audience as they enter the theatre."

- Scott Moreau, BroadwayWorld.com

Shrek: The Musical 

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